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Barker Contractors built a new 6000 litre Emulsion tank. A 30Kva generator fitted to the unit to help with DG's on site by powering the heaters and pumping system on board. Believed to be one of the first such units constructed in New Zealand using this system. 

Chip spreaders fitted to 3 trucks, Kubota mid mount grader/sweeper unit and a Schibeci Road Mill fitted to a tracked Mustang skid steer assist in road, driveway and car park formation. Alongside this is the quality aggregate that come from Barkers quarry.

Barkers are using Higgins CRS-2 rapid setting Bitumen emulsion for their chip sealing operation. We believe that this Clean Green product is the future forward. The environmental movement in the 1970's prompted the increase in emulsion manufacturing due to concerns about pollution from cutback asphalts (VOC's)

Care of your New Surface

How to use your drive/car park for the first few months after we have covered it with CRS2 Emulsion.

CRS2 Emulsion is a membrane and it takes a minimum of 28+ days to firm, to ensure the best results please follow the recommended use.

1 - Keep your vehicle speed down
2- Do not turn the steering wheel whilst the vehicle is stationary – make sure the vehicle is in motion
3- Be very careful when using Quad bikes, don't turn sharply
4- If vegetation grows through the surface spray with a weed killer (do not pull the vegetation out)
5- If the excess chip starts mounding, either sweep it of or call us to sweep the surface (we will quote for this)
6- Drive front wheel drive cars very cautiously
7- Avoid placing sharp objects ie motor cycle stands, high heels, directly on the new surface
8- If there is an uphill section on your drive be careful with throttle control on the way up and braking habits on the way down the drive
9- Don't drive near or off edges of your driveway – may facture the Emulsion and crack the whole edge.
10- Don't park the car or camper in the same spot all the time
11- Don't allow heavy weight vehicles on your driveway, your driveway is constructed for automobile traffic only
12- If possible, do not use forklifts over surface for a least 1 month, if you need to, be very careful when turning and keep machine moving.

Reasons – Emulsion, Bitumen or Asphalt contains certain oils or volatiles to make it more workable or malleable. Until they evaporate, the blacktop will remain soft. This aging or curing process may take as long as a year, depending on thickness and weather etc.

If you have any concerns, please phone us on
06 857 8303


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