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Hydro excavation is the newest addition to Barker’s team services

Using the latest technology and equipment our Hydro-vac team are able to provide a quick and reliable service like no other. Hydro excavation is the safest and most efficient way to dig around services, trenches and reach those tricky and out of reach spots. 

Our Hydro-vac team are able to carry out the following tasks:
Trenching requirements
Service locating
Post holes
Sign/lamp post holes


Hydro excavation removes or moves soil using pressurised water and air or vacuum is used to transfer the debris to a tank, creating a non-destructive and more accurate wayto excavate and search for underground utilities.

The equipment uses high-pressure water and air vacuum to trench through the soil and break it up. The slurry is then lifted and transferred to the tank.
This method of digging is popular with industrial excavators because it is efficient and accurate.
Since it is accurate, it provides for better damage and safety control when compared with mechanical methods and it can help limit accidents.
It avoids damage to underground pipes, lines and cables thus reducing expenses needed for repairs and means less time to get the job done.

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