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Celebrating 41 years of business in Hawke's Bay

Crushed Aggreagate

Sub Base 65mm

Basecourse 40mm

Top Course 20mm

Drainage Stone

Round-stone 7-11mm

Round-stone 11-19mm

Round-stone 22-40mm

Screened Drainage Rock 50mm - 200mm

Other quarry products

20mm all in

10mm all in 

Pea metal 

Screened Top soil 

Transport - No problem

We are happy to quote supply and delivery, or you are welcome to self collect.

Quarry Location

From Waipawa, cross SH2 bridge heading south, into Onga Onga Road, hard right again and down under bridge, (watch truck height 3.8m) and sometimes flooding under bridge during heavy rain, follow down gravel road 1km

We test our crushed aggregate 
and engage either Test Labs based in Wanganui, or Holcim in Hastings to complete this for us.  
Copies of our latest results 

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Message Sent.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council

We have just been advised by the HBRC that there COULD be the presence of Chilean Needle grass seed in the Waipawa River through to the Tuki Tuki River mouth, and that Aggregate supplied by any processor should be used only for construction foundations, road foundation, concrete, or drainage supply.    

We can not be supplying to farmers or such, to be used in road and track maintenance.  

We take Biosecurity very seriously at Barkers and will be adhering to this policy. 

Any queries or concerns, please ask by ringing our office 06 8578303


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