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Chip Sealing

Domestic Driveways, Car Parks, Council Entrances, Sub Divisions
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Mini Excavators 1-7 Tonne

DOC tracks | Swimming pools | Power cables | Fibre optic ducting | Landscaping | Irrigation | House foundations | Property entrances (CHBDC approved contractor) | Augers | Breaker

Skid steer loader

Cattle yards, sheep yards, covered yards, foundation backfill, topsoil

Schibeci 450 Road Mill

The RM450 has a milling depth of 150mm and is designed for milling in larger areas combining tilt cylinders adds another dimension. This system allows you to cut to depths on either side of the machine or set a cross slope angle up to 15% for rebates and angle cuts as required.
- The side shift allows for asphalt removal against kerbs and structures. This RM450 is ideal for high speed edge planing and shallow cuts.

Barker Aggregates

Riverstone Quarry - Waipawa River

Straight haul | Gabion | Screened 20mm all in | Drainage 20mm to 40mm | Crushed AP20mm, AP40mm, AP65mm | Bedding material | Builders mix (2nd grade) | Bulk deliveries

Miscellaneous Products

Topsoil | Crushed concrete

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    Health and Safety

    A strong focus is given to H&S both within Barker Contractors and also companies that sub contract to Barkers.

    Barkers are committed to the promotion of safe working practices and undergoes relevant safety training reviews.

    Barker Contractors have a training agreement with All Train Ltd and with Bruce Porter Driver Training to provide staff with qualifications required to ensure safe working practices are carried out.

    Along with this, staff attend various training camps and regular in house training either by our managers or our H&S Rep is carried out.

    Safety meetings are held on a regular monthly basis where any problems and/or safety aspects can be addressed along with other normal business along with conducting regular operational safety audits on themselves.

    Hasmate was introduced some while ago and is the back bone to the Companies H&S system.


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